*** PLEASE CALL FOR LATEST PRICES - 01926 - 612432 ***
Steering Rack Gaiters  
King Pin Car Kit (for later models)  
Per pair
Std. H/D Front & Rear Shock Absorbers  
Per pair
Front Wheel Bearing Kit  
Per side
Rear Wheel Bearing Kit  
Per side
Front & Rear Wishbone Pivot Bush  
Front & Rear Brake Shoes  
Per set
Std. Brake Master Cylinders (0.625)  
Sport Brake Master Cylinders (0.70)  
Front Flexible Brake Pipes  
Rear Flexible Brake Pipes  
Master Cylinders Repair Kit  
Front/Rear Wheel Cylinders Repair Kit  
Quick rack pinion - NEW  
Adjustment tube nut for trackrod  
L/H thread lock nuts  
Gearbox Mountings - New Manufacture  
Per pair
New short Track-Rods with screw on ends  
New long TrackRod with screw on ends  
Electric Water Pumps - 998 & 1040 Piston Ring Sets (new type) - New Manufacture Gearbox Mountings - Heavy Duty Competition Rotaflex Couplings - Competition Rotaflex bolts - Various short or full 930, 960, 998, 1040 cc engines, fully rebuilt. Various R20, R21, R23 new and used cams and carriers in stock, call for details: 01926-612432