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875cc Rebuilt Engines
(All various specs.& overbores available -please ask)

875cc Reinz Head gaskets  
875cc Cylinder Head Overhaul Gasket Set  
875cc Lower Engine Gasket Set  
875cc Piston Ring Sets (various sizes available)  
Crankshaft Main Bearings STD Material  
Big End Bearings STD Material  
Timing Chain  
Std/ Sport Exhaust Valves  
Sport Inlet Valves  
Valve Guides (Bronze)  
Oil Filter Element (paper type)  
Oil Filter Canister  
Air Filters Std. Element  
Air Filters Sport/ Stiletto  
Petrol Pump Repair Kit  
Std. Solex Carburettor repair Kit  
Stromberg Carburettor Repair Kit  
Engine Mounting Rubber Bush    
Std. Sport Throttle Cable (Complete) (Low Friction)    
Alloy Crankshaft Pulley Without Boss    
Competition flywheel bolts  
Per set
Alloy Alternator Pulley  
Alloy Water Pump Pulley  
Twin 40's Manifold  
Competition Rotaflex Couplings  
Competition Rotoflex bolts  
RAC & Monte Carlo Rally Springs Rear  
Per pair
Solid Cam carrier NEW  
Profiled Con rods NEW  
Per set
RAC & Monte Carlo Rally Springs Front  
Per pair
Electric Water Pumps - 998 & 1040 Piston Ring Sets (new type) - New Manufacture Gearbox Mountings - Heavy Duty Competition Rotaflex Couplings - Competition Rotaflex bolts - Various short or full 930, 960, 998, 1040 cc engines, fully rebuilt. Various R20, R21, R23 new and used cams and carriers in stock, call for details: 01926-612432